If you don't know where to properly dispose of your unwanted items, send us a message and we'll point you in the right direction. 

Professional clothing is distributed to women in crisis who want to start careers or re-enter the work force



Wire Hangers

Your local vet and animal shelters will welcome your old towels 


Especially if they're old, nobody else wants them, best to toss! If they are throw pillows in good condition, run them through the heat of your dryer to clean them out and then donate 

Most dry cleaners gladly accept wire hangers for reuse and some even have designated collection bins

One of the hardest parts of letting go of items that no longer adds value to your life, is the sentimental value it holds; or simply the fact that you feel bad throwing the item away when someone else could benefit from it. With this tips section, you'll be able to find a new home for the items you don't use and allow the item to bring value to someone else. If you don't know where to dispose of a certain item, send us a message and we'll point you in the right direction!

Here are some helpful links to guide you in disposing of your excess stuff


General Donations

Your local library will likely take novels, current reference books, and other sought after genres. They generally do not take text books, these will likely need to be recycled or trashed. Give your library a call or check their website to see if they will take your books 

Many counties offer shredding as a public service and hold monthly, quarterly, or annual shred events. Fairfax County holds them almost monthly. Look for a location and date on the link below

Clothes, housewares, toys, and small appliances 

You can schedule the items to be picked up right at your front door


Perhaps you have a bin of broken crayons that have been left in the shadows of the perfect new ones. You can always melt them down and make new crayons but if you just want them out of your house, there is a place that will take them

Women's Professional Clothing

Lighten Your Load, Lighten Your Life

These days so many devices use batteries so it's important that you dispose of them not only properly but safely to help our environment. If you have alkaline batteries, these can be disposed of in your household trash. Car batteries can be turned in at many service stations or your recycling and disposal center. Most other batteries should be taken to your local hazardous waste site. 

For guidance on what to do with your batteries in Fairfax County, check out this link: