Lighten Your Load, Lighten Your Life

“I recommend Jessica as an organizer without hesitation! She completely changed the way I view “stuff.” Before her, I just could not throw things away or give away my piles of things…particularly books and papers/letters. I had an emotional attachment to my things and it was getting out of hand. Jessica came in, reorganized my shelves, and helped me see that I was attached to the memories, not the stuff, and that it was ok to let things go. She helped me break a lifelong attachment to things that really meant nothing, and since then I have been able to stay much more organized, give away things I don’t need, and recognize when I am holding on to something due to emotional reasons rather than material need. Plus, my shelves looked GREAT once she was done, and that was priceless!"

─ Sarah -Reston, VA

Hiring someone to help you bring order to your home can be a difficult step, but one you will never regret!

"Jess helped me organize my kitchen cabinets and pantry. Her energy, enthusiasm, and gentle persuasion made the process easy to get rid of items I no longer needed. I am thankful for her assistance to free me from clutter and would highly recommend her to anyone!”

─ Susie -Herndon, VA

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Having Jess come into my home was like a breath of fresh air! She provided me with really thoughtful, creative storage ideas for how I could maximize my unusual spaces. Jess kept me on task so we worked quickly and efficiently during her visit. I would definitely recommend her for anyone who wants to make their lives neater and more organized." 

─ Meghan -Oak Hill, VA

“Have you ever had an important event to plan but no clue how to start?  That’s where we were with our son’s Bar Mitzvah when Jess came to the rescue.   We had a general idea about the day but needed help with the timeline, customization, and execution.  Jess took the time to understand our vision and what we believed to be most important, and then worked with us in such an organized and thoughtful manner.   She knows who to contact for services and how to make a room come to life, and has a warm and helpful personality.  It was such a pleasure working with her.  Thank you, Jess!”

─ Sue -Herndon, VA